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This picture was taken when a Hurricane blew through the Lady Lake area on February 2, 2007.


 This home was built using 6" Thick Solid Poured Concrete Exterior Walls.

Our Standard in all of Energy Custom Homes are built using six-inch thick poured-in-place concrete steel reinforced walls. Our type of quality construction is your best insurance against weather damage.  Any storm violent enough to damage one of our home’s walls would be extraordinarily unusual.  (We use poured-in-place concrete walls and do not use “tilt-up” concrete walls.) These important facts are why your next home should be built by Energy Custom Homes. 

Adds Solid Value to Your Home - When the time comes to sell, concrete construction increases a home’s re-sale value. It’s much more appealing to buyers than wood-framed or even concrete block construction. Greater selling appeal means a quicker closing and more money in your pocket.

Provides Protection from Termites and other pests that are prone to infesting wood-framed houses. Termites thrive in hot, humid climates – the very climate found in Florida.  

Energy EfficiencyOur poured-in-place concrete wall system includes a ¾ inch thick rigid foam insulation board which typically has an R-Value of 9, where as the standard cinder block home has an R-Value of 4.2.  Saving on your energy bills is literally money in the bank.  Now, when energy costs are expected to soar above last years levels, it makes good economic sense to start with quality concrete construction. 

No Dry Rot Possible - Wood framed houses with dry rot means costly repair bills. This can’t happen with our poured concrete walls. No dry rot means no unexpected and unwanted expenses.

Ecologically Friendly - Poured concrete cools at night and absorbs heat later in the day, evening out temperature swings. Your home stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This not only saves energy and cuts your utility bills, but cuts down on greenhouse gases as well.

It’s Quiet!  Solid Poured Concrete walls provides added protection from exterior noise. With less outside distractions, you’ll get a better night sleep and enjoy more peace and quiet during the day. 

Proven Safer In Hurricanes And Tornadoes.  Debris (as in automobiles; see the picture below) carried in hurricane-force winds can easily tear right through wood-framed homes and damage block homes. You have your family’s safety to consider.   Poured-in-place concrete homes are the best.  

*Tests have conclusively shown that branches and other debris carried by hurricane-force winds cause no structural damage to concrete poured walls.


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